Improve the employee experience in Switzerland

Like traditional consumers, employees demand an HR process similar to customer service. They expect a quality service that allows them to access important information with just a few requests or clicks. To improve the employee experience in Switzerland, process automation is becoming essential.

The employee experience must be treated like a classic purchasing process

To improve the employee experience in Switzerland, the strategy must be similar to that of a product and service purchasing process. Our team of senior consultants will help you to map out the entire process, from onboarding to managing the departure of employees from the company.


Definition of the employee's journey

The standard employee journey must be made concrete by creating a diagram detailing all the steps they will face. This document is the basis of the digitalization strategy.


Identification of the most important use cases

Throughout the collaboration with employees, certain tasks or events have a greater importance. Whether they are unavoidable or indispensable, these touch points must be managed perfectly.


Identification of preferred communication channels

What are the communication tools that will be used to get the information across to employees? What media do employees use? In what format do they want to receive their documents?


Organization of employee data and HR documents

Employees’ personal data and HR documents must be accessible from the communication media preferred by employees. And this information must be stored securely.


Creation of messages and communication assets

Employee engagement increases with the level of personalization of messages and communication assets. In Switzerland, the diversity of cultures and languages make the situation more complicated.


Choice of interaction and distribution tools

Depending on the processes to be created and the requests to be managed, the choice of the type of tools to be put in place becomes rather easy. Then, it is a matter of identifying the best providers in the short and medium term.

A set of solutions to improve the employee experience in Switzerland

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