At our organization, our team of senior consultants is dedicated to assisting both international organizations and small businesses in tackling their tech-related challenges right from the start. Through engaging strategy workshops and brainstorming sessions, they offer valuable insights, sharing their extensive experience and best practices to drive effective solutions.


Overall game plan

Simple Task conducts digital projects for small and medium-sized businesses based in Switzerland. These organizations employ between 200 and 500 people and are experiencing significant growth in Switzerland and/or internationally. They have medium-sized marketing and sales teams (approximately 10 employees) and need to manage a large number of customer requests. However, these organizations lack the resources and knowledge to implement complex MarTech solutions.

Tools and channels

Once the conceptual phase is finalized, our team of senior consultants thoroughly assesses the market to pinpoint the most suitable options from a technical standpoint. They present a range of solutions encompassing various stacks and architectures. If one of these solutions resonates, our senior consultants can establish direct communication with the selected providers to obtain initial quotes concerning time, budget, as well as internal and external resources.


Tech transformation

At Simple Task, we understand that the implementation of new technologies brings about significant changes that affect not only organizations but also teams and individuals within them. We recognize the importance of estimating and addressing the potential consequences that arise from such tech transformations. By thoroughly assessing the specific needs and challenges of each organization, we develop tailored strategies that facilitate a smooth transition to new technologies.

Data sources and quality

our team of technical consultants plays a crucial role in assisting clients with the organization and management of their data sets. We understand that a robust and well-designed data architecture is essential for smooth operations and compliance with local regulations. Our consultants possess extensive expertise in evaluating the quality of existing systems and their compatibility with third-party and/or cloud solutions. Through meticulous analysis, they assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current data infrastructure, identifying areas that require improvement or optimization.



When working on communication projects, we place great importance on aligning with our clients’ brand guidelines. We understand that every organization has its unique identity and values. Our specialists work closely with clients to comprehend their brand positioning, tone of voice, and visual aesthetics. This allows us to create assets that not only meet the clients’ requirements but also maintain consistency with their overall brand image. Our brand specialists excel in developing cohesive and impactful brand strategies. They have a deep understanding of market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes.