Automated Lead Management

Delivering warm leads to sales in a few minutes is a real challenge. It is key to transfer the right information to the right person without facing any hurdle. Our clients ask us to minimize delays related to technology or system integrations. This is when Automated Lead Management comes up.

Best practices in automated lead management

As soon as we collaborate, our consulting and delivery teams share their experience with you. They discuss with you the best way to implement automated lead management processes for your business.


Store leads with the relevant information at the right place

The process of acquiring and managing leads starts by collecting these leads in a correct manner. In other words, it is all about retrieving the right information from classic forms, chatbot solutions and so on. Our senior consultants help their clients evaluate the quality of leads. As soon as they reach the minimum requirements, we organize the import of the information into the data model in a systematic and secured way.

Deliver warm leads to the right salesperson

Warm leads are a great source of business. However they have a certain life expectancy. In general, potential customers expect a “quick” management of their requests. Depending on the business and the in-take channel, this time may differ. But, in the end, this is exactly the moment when the race against time begins. Every minute counts to deliver warm leads to the right salesperson. Our senior consultants are used to building internal communication streams and automations, so that warm leads are managed (ideally) in a few minutes.


Evaluate the outcome and re-engage

Whether the leads are converted or not, they are still a great source of information. They tell us that a potential customer had a true interest in the clients’ product or service. It is crucial to evaluate the outcome of the different leads delivered to the sales and marketing team.

First, our senior consultants create custom reports with the assistance of cloud solutions such as Google Data Studio. They build reports that describe the conversion funnel, as well as the potential successes and pain points. Based on this analysis, every warm lead with a negative outcome can also be dropped into a specific customer segment and re-engaged with a “lost customer” campaign.

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