The implementation and configuration of MarTech solutions require expert knowledge in various areas such as business strategy, marketing, and software operation. Many marketing and communication agencies turn to our services to successfully carry out MarTech projects that they cannot handle internally. At Simple Task, we offer subcontracting by handling projects or specific parts of them, such as configurations or integrations.

Reasons to start subcontracting

Lack of skills, especially in programming
Need for extremely punctual resources, for a few weeks or months
Necessity to control development costs
Need to deliver MarTech projects within tight deadlines
Need to deliver a professional service, including quality control
Need to reduce risks through experienced personnel

It all starts here...

In most cases, a briefing has already been prepared. At Simple Task, our main objective is to understand the situation and create the ideal technical solution. We ensure that the chosen option is reliable and ideally requires minimal maintenance. That’s why our senior consultants develop a specific offer accordingly.

Once the Subcontracting offer is accepted, we assign you a dedicated project manager to handle the management and coordination of various tasks. Our consultants receive specific training to ensure smooth communication on both the business and technical aspects of the project.

Finally, to guarantee optimal project delivery, Simple Task can arrange initial training for users. Additionally, to ensure long-term maintenance of the project, the entire process is meticulously documented.



Clear and detailed solution
Quality communication among stakeholders
Transparent approach to unforeseen circumstances

Resource allocation

For projects requiring intense effort over a limited duration, you will work with one of our senior consultants. This consultant will manage the entire project: production, communication, and monitoring. If desired, this is an opportunity to limit the project management needs from Simple Task‘s side (thus reducing costs).

For larger projects, a dedicated team led by a Project Leader will be created. In this case, we ensure that a senior consultant is involved in all phases of the project. This senior expert will be responsible for quality and will also be present, if necessary, during various communications with project stakeholders. Our senior consultants are also there to be a preferred point of contact in case of issues.

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