A unique intuitive chatbot solution

Our team developed a custom and user-friendly interface. This solution is flexible. It can be configured and deployed for various industries, depending on their business needs.

Use case

Chatbots help improve request in-take and customer engagement by offering direct access to knowledge in a friendly and efficient manner. In this case, the Simple Task team has been required to create a custom solution, providing the support on a chatbot at different stages of the customer journey.

Our chatbot solution

  • A platform that enables to manage numerous aspects of the chatbot (knowledge base, notifications and connectors)
  • An embedded AI tool that continuously enriches the knowledge base
  • Bots are accessible from all user dialogue interfaces: desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, web and mobile apps, and interactive terminals.
  • The different Interfaces can be customized depending on the requirements. Every channel and touch point has its own pre-requisites.
  • Every interface is based on a combination of open source technologies and proprietary modules.
  • The API is open and can be adjusted easily. It is compatible with most of the existing information systems, while remaining scalable and upgradable.
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