Marketing Automation Projects in Zurich

Simple Task Switzerland is a digital agency that specializes in creating and configuring MarTech solutions for various types of clients, media and devices. Ever since we opened our office in the German-speaking region of Switzerland, our senior consultants have been diligently working on numerous marketing automation projects for clients based in Zurich. Our expertise is particularly sought after for tasks such as software implementation, use case development, and personalization matters such as language and regional targeting.

Marketing Automation Challenges in Zurich

Simple Task Switzerland collaborates with Swiss-based companies expanding marketing efforts. They use tools like or Mailchimp but face new challenges. They need Marketing Automation systems to integrate seamlessly, handle personalized targeting, and connect with their MarTech ecosystem.

Very often, the lack of in-house expertise complicates implementation. Our senior consultants invest time to understand each client’s situation, creating detailed briefings. This helps assess project scope accurately.

We craft tailored solutions empowering clients to manage Marketing Automation with their teams. Our commitment to excellence ensures impactful results.



National brands
Small and Medium Businesses

Client Support for Marketing Automation Projects in Zurich

At Simple Task, we cater to clients speaking Swiss German, English, German, French, and Russian. This diverse language proficiency enables us to effectively communicate with almost every client. For support, we prefer an English-based process, which benefits both developers and the overall workflow.

Typically, we initiate the intake process through email, Skype, or our ticketing system. Subsequently, we can follow up with video calls or even face-to-face meetings, depending on the circumstances.

Our approach revolves around finding solutions for every client request, achieved through better configurations or developing existing marketing automation setups. The key to success lies in the intake phase, where we aim to eliminate any potential misunderstandings. When requests are well-specified and identified, the subsequent steps become much smoother and more straightforward.

Our main objective is to ensure a seamless client experience and provide comprehensive support throughout their marketing automation projects. By prioritizing effective communication and understanding, we guarantee that each client’s needs are met efficiently and with utmost satisfaction.

Marketing automation projects in Zurich - Client Support
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