Our clients in Switzerland

We work with all kinds of companies, from Swiss SMEs to multinationals and non-governmental organizations. Simple Task consultants tailor their approach to the needs of each institution. As a result, our customers in Switzerland can achieve their business objectives with complete peace of mind.


We support fast-growing SMEs

Simple Task carries out digital projects for small and medium-sized companies based in Switzerland. These are organizations employing between 200 and 500 people, which are experiencing strong growth in Switzerland and/or internationally. On one hand, these companies have medium-sized marketing and sales teams (+/- 10 employees) and need to manage a large number of customer requests. On the other hand, these organizations lack the resources and knowledge to implement complex MarTech solutions.

Some ideas for MarTech services for SMEs

We also work for national companies as a service provider or subcontractor.

The seniority of our consultants enables us to handle complex assignments requiring a high level of expertise. Our teams have the ability to quickly analyze already established situations, in order to contribute their expertise without multiplying interactions.

Over the last few years, Simple Task has multiplied its assignments as a service provider or subcontractor. Our teams can manage projects from A to Z, but can also deliver solutions for a specific solution or software.


Some ideas for MarTech services for national companies


We also share our expertise with startups and early-stage companies.

To ensure stable growth, it is important to rely on technologies that can absorb sudden surges in activity. The company needs to be able to concentrate on its core business with confidence, without having to consider recruiting new staff in the short term.

Our Simple Task consultants are familiar with entrepreneurial projects and their MarTech implications. They know how to quickly identify the challenges and constraints of small structures. Then, they can support business leaders in their choice of MarTech strategy. Finally, our consultants can implement MarTech solutions in a matter of weeks.

Ideas for MarTech services for startups and early-stage companies

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