MarTech Solutions Made For Switzerland

Simple Task is a Marketing Technology (MarTech) Agency specialized in the development and configuration of MarTech solutions made for Switzerland. Our senior consultants provide solid and reliable services to international companies and local SMEs.


9+ Business Greetings for a Prosperous MarTech Year 2024

As we embark on this new year with renewed optimism, we have compiled a list wishes and guiding principles for achieving business success in 2024.

For businesses of all sizes, 2024 presents a unique opportunity to navigate the ever-changing landscape of marketing and technology, while simultaneously embracing innovation and growth.



Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation tools help automating repetitive tasks and handling vast amounts of data. Our team of Senior Consultants is dedicated to assisting companies in boosting revenue and productivity


Software Implementation and Configuration

We run a strategic step-by-step process, beginning with a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s objectives, workflows, and existing infrastructure.


Mobile & Web Applications

 We stay updated with the latest technologies and offer the best tech solutions for each specific project. Over the years, we have gained experience working with different frameworks.


Web Development

Our team of web development experts is dedicated to programming web interfaces on a daily basis. With their extensive experience, they possess the necessary skills to handle a wide range of projects.


Monitoring & Follow-ip

Our Simple Task consultants put in place relevant monitoring and follow-up measures, so that you can focus on your business and keep an eye on the most important processes at the same time.


Campaigns & Use Cases

Our team excels at crafting comprehensive campaigns and use cases from both marketing and technology perspectives. Drawing on their wealth of knowledge and expertise, they can develop tailored strategies

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The Crucial Role of Senior Consultants - Mentor Bis

We Believe in The Crucial Role of Senior Consultants

Unlike a competent consultant who performs their duties adeptly, a senior MarTech consultant brings a unique set of attributes that elevate their significance in any project. This presence resembles the solid foundation upon which your MarTech structure is built, ensuring stability and guidance. The qualities of a senior MarTech consultant can be likened to a seasoned conductor leading an orchestra. Their experience, strategic insight, and comprehensive understanding of the MarTech landscape make them indispensable.

Accelerate Business Growth with Ambitious MarTech Solutions

The implementation of MarTech solutions emerges as a potent strategy to streamline operations and enhance business efficiency. These solutions function as a well-orchestrated ensemble, designed to manage a higher volume of tasks with innovative and automated approaches. Much like a conductor leading a symphony to a harmonious crescendo, MarTech solutions harmonize tasks, saving time and resources through their innovative capabilities.

Furthermore, these solutions extend their impact beyond immediate operations, as they contribute to substantial cost savings. By centralizing processes and automating workflows, MarTech solutions eliminate inefficiencies, akin to refining the notes of a symphony to create a seamless musical experience.

Investing in a MarTech tool goes beyond an initial expenditure—it’s a strategic injection of time and budget to secure long-lasting benefits. This commitment is comparable to laying the foundation for a grand performance, ensuring that your business’s operations resonate harmoniously for years to come.

Just as a conductor invests in rehearsal time to create a flawless performance, the allocation of resources to a MarTech tool paves the way for enhanced efficiency and sustained growth. This investment not only optimizes current processes but also prepares your business for future challenges and opportunities.

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