Data Management

The success of sales and marketing campaigns hinges on the meticulous analysis and strategic development of clean and reliable data sets. It is imperative for businesses to recognize that effective data management lies at the core of achieving their marketing objectives and maximizing their revenue potential.


Data Model

Incoming data streams provide various sets of raw data. Our senior consultants can design a unified and coherent data structure. We explore different options to ensure that the incoming streams align with the desired objects and tables. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver a final data set that can be effectively utilized for your sales and marketing campaigns.


Data Flow

At the core of your data funnel, you will find a clean and regularly updated data set. However, you may also require specific tables (e.g., for specific segments or different timeframes). Our senior consultants can assist you in building the necessary subtables and queries with minimal effort.


Reporting and Alerting

Regular reporting is essential to monitor the evolution of your data models and flows. Organizations need to be promptly alerted to any issues that arise, such as incorrect records blocking data synchronization. It is also important to identify corner cases, such as contacts imported without specific attributes.


Data Enrichment

is the process of enhancing the quality and completeness of data by adding new information to it. This can be done from a variety of sources, such as public records, social media, and third-party data providers.


Ethical Data Management

Data collection is governed by regulations and best practices. Organizations must comply with legal requirements and policies like GDPR or nFADP. Moreover, sales and marketing teams need to consider whether all data records can be used based on data ethics and respecting customer expectations. Our senior consultants stay updated on the latest regulations and best practices in this regard.

data management
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