Creation of Campaigns and Use Cases

At Simple Task, we understand that some clients may approach us with broad business goals but lack detailed specifications. In such cases, our team of highly experienced senior consultants excels at crafting comprehensive campaigns and use cases from both marketing and technology perspectives. Drawing on their wealth of knowledge and expertise, they can develop tailored strategies that align with the client’s objectives, ensuring successful outcomes that drive growth and productivity.

How Do We Organise the Creation of Campaigns and Use Cases?

It is a meticulous process led by our team of senior consultants. We initiate with a kick-off meeting, defining project goals and KPIs. Then, we propose multiple strategies, enabling the client to select the most suitable path. Afterward, detailed specifications are drafted.


MarTech Audit


Data Audit


Expected result








Marketing Assets


Reporting and KPIs


Impact of existing processes

Resource Estimation

Resource Estimation is a crucial step, considering various factors beyond the budget. We assess the type and number of resources required, drawing from our experience to ensure accuracy. Anticipating potential resource constraints is vital to avoid unexpected hurdles.


Collaboration / Support from your side


Deadline Considerations


In-House Task Allocation


Size of the Project Scope


Level of Comfort in the Project


Quality of Tools and Vendors

Get the final client validation

To enhance client engagement and ensure buy-in from various departments, a final validation round is conducted. Prior to this meeting, we collaborate closely with our main contact, also known as the project champion, to refine and tailor the solution to meet specific departmental requirements.

In the final validation meeting, attendees from sales, marketing, and IT departments come together to challenge the proposed solution and identify potential corner cases or unexpected dependencies. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of ownership and collective responsibility among stakeholders.

The Crucial Role of Senior Consultants - Mentor Bis

Team and skills

In our Simple Task team, we have senior consultants with proven experience and track record in their field. Many of our employees have more than 10 years of experience in marketing, sales or technology for renowned companies and local SMEs. They are used to work in project teams as contributors as well as project leaders.

Our senior consultants take advantage of the solutions developed in the past. They build the next campaigns and use cases on previous experiences by going through existing documentation. As a consequence, every solution is somehow “better” than the previous one by introducing more automation, more agility and more efficiency.

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