Stay Tuned with Monitoring and Follow-Up

We help you set up processes and the tools which keep track of your marketing campaigns and customer journeys. Our Simple Task consultants put in place relevant monitoring and follow-up measures, so that you can focus on your business and keep an eye on the most important processes at the same time.


Web Tracking

Effective website management relies on the crucial integration of web tracking and alerting systems. Through continuous data gathering, web tracking yields valuable insights into user behavior and website performance. However, its true power is unleashed when combined with automated web alerting. This powerful combination enables website administrators to proactively detect anomalies, closely monitor key performance metrics, and swiftly address critical situations. With timely alerts, administrators can promptly take necessary actions to ensure the website functions smoothly and delivers an optimal user experience.

Failure Detection and Alterting

The concept of “Failure Detection and Alerting” is of utmost importance in overseeing and maintaining systems across various domains, such as computer networks, cloud services, and industrial systems. This proactive methodology involves continuous monitoring of system components, processes, or services to swiftly detect any potential failures or irregularities. By promptly addressing these issues, it ensures the reliability of the systems and minimizes any potential downtime. Ultimately, this approach significantly enhances overall system performance and contributes to an improved user experience. Embracing “Failure Detection and Alerting” as a vital practice empowers businesses to efficiently manage their systems and deliver seamless services to their users.


Fully Personalized Reporting Process

In certain unique and intricate scenarios, the need arises to facilitate the development of fully personalized reporting processes. This requirement becomes particularly prevalent when multiple pieces of software or programs are integrated, necessitating a keen eye on monitoring diverse synchronization loops and data flows. By leveraging the power of API calls and SQL queries at various stages of the customer journey, our team of seasoned senior consultants can adeptly identify potential problems and bottlenecks.

The process of implementing personalized reporting entails a meticulous approach, as it involves harmonizing data from various sources to generate meaningful insights. Our expert consultants have a deep understanding of data integration, ensuring that information from different software systems is effectively consolidated and transformed into comprehensive reports. This allows your organization to gain a holistic view of crucial metrics and make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data.

Manual Monitoring

When the trust in a software and a process is lost, it is certainly time to have a deeper look by activating human resources. The same feeling may arise when a company launches a new set of campaigns or tools. Performing a manual monitoring for a few days requires certain skills: knowledge of the software or programming languages, ability to analyze reports, ability to investigate and debug technical issues. At Simple Task, we have senior staff who has all it takes to understand technical issues and anticipate further impacts of  these issues on your business.

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