Event Marketing Automation

In numerous instances, companies often refrain from organizing conferences or networking events due to limited resources for event management. However, it is now possible to streamline the entire process through Event Marketing Automation. The scope includes tasks such as sending invitations, managing registrations, and following up with participants.

Implementing this automated system requires an initial investment, but it ultimately reduces the overall effort required for organizing events, transforming it into a streamlined process that can be completed with just a few clicks.

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How Does Event Marketing Automation Work?

By utilizing existing marketing automation tools, Event Marketing Automation can be efficiently organized with minimal effort. You can create essential assets and journeys to effectively accomplish your goals.

The diagram below illustrates a practical case of marketing automation, where event management revolves around a CRM management tool (e.g., Salesforce Sales Cloud) and a marketing automation tool (e.g., Salesforce Marketing Cloud).

The primary investment lies in developing email templates and web pages. Once these assets are established, synergies between events are effortlessly created. By duplicating an existing invitation campaign, you can quickly adapt and tailor it to suit new events.

Detailed Event Marketing Automation Process

Event Marketing Automation

Key Benefits of Event Marketing Automation

Automating this process yields numerous tangible benefits, making it an excellent opportunity to motivate sales and marketing teams in organizing events. By reducing their reliance on human resources and implementing a robust automated system, your teams will feel liberated and view events as powerful tools for lead conversion.


Streamlined Guest Targeting

Defining criteria within the CRM and seamlessly synchronizing them with the marketing automation software enables simplified and precise guest targeting.


Reusable Templates

Email templates, web pages, and forms can be easily reused, with minor adjustments tailored to each specific event.


Enhanced Personalization

Messages can be customized and displayed based on the intended audience, ensuring distinct content for customers and prospects.


Simplified registration tracking

Participant presence is effortlessly recorded in the CRM tool, simplifying the creation of badges and lists and expediting the entire process.


Systematic Participant Follow-up

Participant attendance notifications facilitate systematic follow-up, allowing for personalized follow-up emails that align with the attendees’ engagement.


Efficiency in Invoicing

Event attendance data recorded in your CRM enables the generation of invoices for participants, streamlining the invoicing process.

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