Subscription and preferences

Our mission

Create a subscribe and unsubscribe process for a renowned service provider. It is also about reducing the manual work from internal teams to null.

Our solution

  • Generate as many subscriptions as possible by multiplying the amount of subscription sources
  • Create a common data import process in order to have a clear and clean incoming flow of data
  • Qualify subscriptions so that customers can be addressed when sending commercial emails
  • Store data and manage data sets, in compliance with local legal requirements and ethics
  • Create a solid unsubscribe and contact deletion procedure
  • Build up a preference center that helps customers define the kind of communication they want to receive


  • Need to create documentation about the current situation
  • Need to adapt existing front-end interfaces (ex: opt-in checkbox when submitting forms)
  • Need to amend the data structure and improve quality
  • Need to train the whole team of administrators and users
  • Need to monitor the outcome after the project has been completed (duration: 10 weeks)

Technologies involved

API integration
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