Simple Task is a place where talented individuals with knowledge and skills form creative teams capable of delivering solutions. In Switzerland, they ensure the delivery for very ambitious and complex requests.

Our Delivery Models


Project Delivery

Together with the client, we develop a project scope referring to an existing business case. The delivery is driven by experienced managers who coordinate and report the progress on a regular basis.  At the end of each project, a proper handover is organized.


Project Sprints

In collaboration with our clients, our team of Senior Consultants works diligently to attain a predetermined set of objectives within a well-defined timeframe, usually spanning from two to four weeks. The goals and tasks for these Project Sprints are carefully established through weekly meetings, ensuring a synchronized and effective approach.


Support and Maintenance

Our team handles tasks and tickets as soon as they are raised. We put in place a simple service level agreement (SLA) and start working accordingly. Our teams develop a deeper knowledge of each client’s infrastructure and ensure a proper management of each ticket.



We collaborate with marketing and IT agencies that do not need permanent staff for a very specific task. Our teams has a proven track record in deploying bigger projects and solutions for global accounts. We are used to work with international teams and shared service centers.


Delivery team

Depending on the business case and the client’s expectation, we may organize the delivery in Switzerland or outsource the production to our development hub in Serbia. The allocation of specific people on a project is based on their ability to deliver the right solution, at the right time, with the agreed budget. Whether it takes place in Zurich or in Novi Sad, each project is managed by experienced professionals. Most of them speak English as well as another language such as (Swiss) German or French.

Each team leader builds its team according to the assignment and lets the client validate it.

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