MarTech Training

Our tailor-made training sessions are designed to empower your team with the knowledge and skills required to effectively implement and utilize our solutions. We take into account the existing knowledge and expertise of your employees, customizing the training content accordingly. By combining tailored training sessions with comprehensive documentation, we ensure that your organization is equipped with the necessary knowledge and resources to fully leverage our solutions.

Strategic training

When implementing new tools or solutions, it is often necessary to inform team members about the solution and its general purpose. Our senior consultants are used to set-up strategic training about topics such as data architecture or marketing automation. In general, these sessions are performed on-site and last at least one day. As soon as this knowledge is spread among stakeholders, the user training can start.


Onboarding of classic users

Our Simple Task team is used to onboard classic users on a regular basis. Of course, each project includes a training session at the end of the deployment phase. However, additional sessions may be required over the time because of an Admin user with limited time or a higher staff turnover. In general, we set up one main training session – that can be recorded – and follow-up with one or two hours of user support.

Training of Admin users

Training admin users on software is a crucial step in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of any system. Admin users are responsible for managing and maintaining the software, as well as performing critical tasks such as user management, system configuration, and troubleshooting. The training of admin users on software encompasses a wide range of topics, from understanding the software’s core functionalities to effectively managing user accounts and ensuring system security. By equipping admins with the necessary knowledge and skills, organizations can maximize the software’s potential and ensure its efficient operation.



In order to keep the knowledge in-house and ensure a long-term usage of our solutions, we provide every client with detailed documentation. At a higher level, our senior consultants create basic materials such as data models, data flow diagrams, work flows or customer journeys. This documentation is fundamental for our delivery team when programming the solutions. On top of that, there is always a possibility to provide clients with very specific insights (ex: code snippets with comments, description of SQL silos, …).

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