Our Approach

At Simple Task, we help our clients achieve their business goals by implementing relevant, efficient and reliable software solutions in various fields. We accompany renowned companies, start-ups and agencies from the general briefing until the final handover. This is our approach.


Designing efficient software solutions

Very often, our clients come to us with business goals and that’s it. After identifying the challenges and dependencies, our consultants offer the best options for this particular case. They enrich their presentation with similar use cases and evaluate the potential impact of every solution. In any case our ambition is simple: offer efficient solutions that bring tangible results such as an increase of incoming leads or a decrease of manual work.

On top of that, each solution does its bit towards further strengthening the overall company structure. The Simple Task solutions are meant to be a perfect base for further projects.

Assigning the right staff to each project

Our success is mainly based on the right allocation of human resources to each project. In order to ensure a higher level of delivery, each task has to be performed by senior staff. As a consequence, we have built a pool of committed professionals. They have a proven track record in performing technical or consulting tasks with a particular focus on business goals and client expectations. This seniority helps also address change requests or unexpected situations in a simple and efficient manner.


Engaging stakeholders at every stage of the project

If the client is up for it, we are always interested in driving projects forward together with stakeholders on the client side. The Simple Task team is happy to deliver the solutions with full transparency and provide training as soon as it makes sense. We believe in transparent and regular communication in various areas: project management, technology or financial aspects. As long as all stakeholders have the same understanding of the project, it is simple to manage dependencies or blockers with a positive mindset.

Focusing on reliability and reducing risks

The perfect solution for our clients is the one that simply works. Our team does it best to avoid bugs and breakdown after the final handover is done. We focus on organizing test phases together with our clients and getting a sign-off for each relevant case. Of course, unexpected situations can pop-up. For example, our client can identify very specific use cases that have not been addressed during the testing phase. Our approach here is simple: discuss every situation in detail and make sure that it doesn’t happen ever again.

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