Automated customer onboarding process

The automated customer onboarding process helps companies share general information and important insights with customers, at the very beginning of the customer journey. This automation increases customer engagement and decreases misunderstandings during the purchasing process.

Our mission

Create a 6 weeks’ customer onboarding process for a renowned service provider in Lausanne (Switzerland).

The client wants to put in place an omni-channel communication strategy by sending out emails and sms notifications. This campaign has to be run in German, French, Italian and English.

The ultimate goal of the campaign is to have every customer download the company mobile app. With the assistance of this application, the client will be able to have direct communication with all customers, as well as a lower amount of cases opened with the customer service team

Our approach for this automated customer onboarding process

In this exact case, the client already purchased and configured Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The software has been installed as a stand-alone solution, with the main data sets being imported from Google Big Query. Every new contact is synchronized with Salesforce Marketing Cloud with the assistance of a Rest API. The arrival of a new customer in Google Big Query generates an event that triggers the journey.

Discovery phase and strategy

by organizing workshops with the sales team leader, the head of customer service and the marketing director.

Creation of the project specifications

by creating workflows, swim lanes and data models. It helps us identify potential dependencies upfront.

Creation of the relevant assets

needed at every stage of the automated customer onboarding process. It also includes the import of translations.

Selection of the relevant target audience

by creating automated queries in the database. This query makes sure that the ones in the onboarding process don’t get newsletters.

Creation of the customer onboarding journey

including the different communications and reminders via email and SMS. This journey is triggered automatically on a daily basis.

Organizing a test phase

with the relevant stakeholders from the sales and marketing teams. The client is in charge of creating test data that go through the journey.

Running a roll-out phase

by duplicating the original process and activating it. This action requires a follow-up phase during the first two or three weeks following the go-live.

Training and handover

by organizing sessions with administrators and classic users on the client side. They have to know how the solution works and how to amend the content

We created the following deliverables

Technologies and languages

Have you ever thought about an Automated Employee Onboarding process?

If you have a company with a strong company culture and different offices across Switzerland, you certainly want to have an automated employee onboarding process. We have created a mobile application that drivers newcomers through the onboarding process. We can create different modules and functions, depending on your industry and your company size (ex: onboarding checklists, knowledge base, alerts).
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