How Does an Efficient Cart Abandonment Email Look Like?

Cart Abandonment Email is a marketing strategy to re-engage e-commerce customers who abandon their shopping carts. Customers leave without finalizing the transaction due to various reasons like unexpected costs or distractions. The goal is to encourage them to return and complete their purchase.

What is Included in a Cart Abandonment Email?

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Product Information

Include images of the products, along with their names and any relevant details (such as size, color, or quantity) to remind the customer about their selections. The purpose of showcasing the items is to refresh the customer’s memory and provide visual cues about the products they were interested in.


Call to Action

The purpose of this button is to direct customers back to their shopping carts or the checkout page on the e-commerce website. The CTA button serves as a clickable link that, when clicked by the customer, takes them directly to the page where their abandoned items are still saved in the shopping cart.


Incentives or Offers

The idea behind these incentives or offers is to give customers an extra push to overcome any hesitations they might have had while abandoning their carts. By providing additional value, such as cost savings or exclusive deals, the email aims to re-engage customers and create a stronger desire to complete the purchase.


Customer Support

By offering customer support options in the Cart Abandonment Email, businesses demonstrate a commitment to helping customers and enhancing their shopping experience. It shows that the company is readily available to assist customers in their decision-making process or to resolve any issues that might have caused them to abandon their carts.

Key Criteria That Make a Difference

Subject line
parcours client multicanal efficace

Setup of Cart Abandonment Campaigns

Abandoned cart emails are an integral part of a larger marketing campaign that relies on triggers, segmentations, and reporting. By combining these elements, businesses can create a powerful abandoned cart email campaign that maximizes customer re-engagement, boosts conversion rates, and enhances overall marketing efforts.

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