Setup of Cart Abandonment Campaigns

With 60 to 70% of shopping cart abandonment on average, every company selling products or services online needs to address this problem. Winning back these potential customers quickly becomes a priority. This is why companies put in place Cart Abandonment campaigns.

Our mission

For a renowned FMCG company based in the canton of Bern (Switzerland):

  • Win back potential customers based in Switzerland with Cart Abandonment campaigns
  • Learn more about the reasons to drop out of the buying process and receive Cart Abandonment campaigns
  • Organize the whole campaign by configuring and using the current marketing automation software: Hubspot

Our approach for this abandoned shopping cart campaign


Incoming data

Collect all information about the abandoned cart in a few seconds with the right format (ex: product details, amount, time, contact preferences).

Target audience

Creation of the final target audience, taking into account further criteria such as contact preferences or wish to receive commercial emails.

Win back journey

Addressing the target audience by creating a multi-step campaign. The contact receives further email communication (or not), depending on his/her behavior.

Reporting and alerts

Weekly report with a focus on each step of the campaign. The client is informed about the volumes of customers and potential breakdowns, if they arise.

Focus on the incoming data flow

The success of this campaign depends on the ability to organize data collection and update in a few seconds. On one hand, the first step of the Cart Abandonment campaign should be activated as soon as the potential customer dropped out (even if the email is sent with delay). On the other, any update of the cart has to be sent instantly to the marketing automation tool. Based on this update activity, the tool may keep the contact in the journey or exclude the contact from the target audience. For example, if the potential customer proceeds with the payment, this person has to be excluded from the potential recipients instantly.

We created the following deliverables

Technologies and languages

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