The ideal MarTech stack for your start-up

When you create your startup in Switzerland, you definitely want to get straight to the point. This is not the right time to get involved in complicated IT developments and software configurations. It’s about choosing simple, ready-to-use tools that don’t incur huge costs during their implementation. At Simple Task, we have thought of an ideal MarTech stack for your start-up.

Your website with WordPress

At first glance, you might be tempted to start with a “turnkey” site, like those offered by Wix. This is an interesting option if you don’t have any programming knowledge and your site should only be a business card. In case you want to set up a fairly simple site that will generate leads, WordPress is surely the right choice. With the help of tools like WP Bakery or Elementor, and the purchase of a ready-made template, you can quickly create your site and customize it to your taste. Everything is done with drag and drop.

In addition, in WordPress, you benefit from a wide variety of widgets that allow you to access very practical basic functions. Beyond the classic widgets like “Contact Form 7” or “Yoast SEO“, you can use modules to help you manage the different languages on your site. In Switzerland, this is essential. Finally, the creation of a website with WordPress automatically a PHP MyAdmin database on your web server (eg Hostpoint or Swizzonic). This will be a good database that can be synchronized with other tools.

Your marketing automation with is the ideal marketing automation solution to get started. This is especially the case if your marketing and sales campaigns are simple. Importing data into is very easy thanks to existing integrations. For example, it is possible to import all the information present in PHP MyAdmin using the PostGre SQL function, as well as some very simple SQL queries.
Moreover, these routines can be executed very regularly, almost live. Moreover, the creation of emails is very intuitive. On the one hand, it is possible to build emails with the help of templates (drag and drop). On the other hand, you can inject HTML code and see the result live in the same window. Finally, the cost structure is also very advantageous. For the first 10,000 contacts, the costs are very limited (less than 200 EUR per month). Then the cost calculation method is very flexible (per 1,000 contacts).

Your lead management with Slack

First and foremost, Slack is known for its chat feature. Thanks to Slack, communication between employees of a start-up becomes extremely simple via desktop or mobile. However, Slack also makes it easy to manage leads. Slack provides its customers with turnkey synchronizations through APIs. For example, it is very easy to synchronize Slack with your database or with a marketing automation software. As soon as a lead is generated (trigger), you can generate an alert in Slack to a specific person or group. This feature can be used in many other cases like notification of new deals or ticket creation (to be managed by your support desk).

Your database and backups with Google BigQuery

Even if WordPress already has a web database thanks to PHP MyAdmin, this solution can quickly show its limits. So, it is necessary to use a more powerful infrastructure. Many solutions exist on the market that Simple Task uses regularly, especially those of Amazon Web Services. For start-ups, we suggest starting with Google BigQuery. This data warehouse based on SQL technology is very accessible for those who have a solid base in web programming. You will be able to send, save and manage your data easily and synchronize it with other software through APIs in a few clicks.

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