5 Reasons Why Marketing Automation is a Must-Have in Switzerland

Ensure a high level of customization

Switzerland is built around different economic hubs such as Zurich, Geneva or Lausanne. This Swiss specificity forces companies to personalize their communication when creating marketing campaigns.

On the one hand, they have to take into account the languages used in Switzerland, knowing that sending a campaign in English is not an alternative. In general, organizations active throughout Switzerland decide to focus on German, French and English. On the other hand, more rarely, it is good practice to take into account the location of the targeted people. For example, it is frequent that consumers from Basel only want to call a phone number with a Swiss German area code. It is therefore often necessary to personalize the footer of emails according to their place of residence.

Improve the productivity of your marketing teams

Thanks to marketing automation, you can forget about creating many emails or contents for the same campaign. Everything is organized around a single email or sms template that is programmed to integrate all the customizations. In a few words, the implementation of marketing automation in a dynamic way ensures you centralized journeys, templates or images. For example, each change is made very easily and is implemented in all targeted content in a few minutes (eg: text, logo or contact information). Want to know more about the productivity gains of marketing automation? Click here.

Reduce risks of mistakes

As mentioned above, the vast majority of marketing campaigns in Switzerland must be declined in several versions, especially because of language differences. The multiplication of versions, often created manually, will lead to errors. Typically, there are typing errors or links that do not work. When a marketing automation software is set up dynamically and centrally, the risk of errors is automatically reduced. This is the logical consequence when the number of manual interventions in the journeys or templates is limited.

Grow your business with a scalable tool

If you are planning a strong growth of your business, you are certainly looking for tools that will support this evolution. The implementation of Marketing automation allows you to create “basic” campaigns, which can be infinitely varied. And these campaign developments can be done with limited resources or very short deadlines.

For example, if you have a project in Switzerland, you must already propose campaigns by language (German, French, English, Italian). From then on, sending your marketing campaigns to a new country, with a new language, is a breeze. You just need to add a language to the data model and insert the translations in a central file.

Have an efficient lead management process

In Switzerland, many companies have three or more business units in different cities (e.g. offices, stores, freelancers). When a lead is generated for a specific business unit, it is important that this lead is transferred to the right person as quickly as possible. With marketing automation, such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can set up internal lead communication campaigns. These leads will automatically arrive in the email box of the right person. You can even set up reminders and automated actions in your CRM. If you want to learn more, click here.

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