Quality of contact data in Switzerland

In Switzerland, accurate and complete contact data is of utmost importance. To ensure the success of your campaigns, it is essential to consider the following specific attributes in addition to the basic concepts of data quality – accuracy, completeness, consistency, validity, timeliness, integrity, and clarity. Let us share with you a few hints about “Quality of contact data”.

The language used in marketing communications

While the Swiss population is multilingual, they have a strong preference for receiving marketing content in their native language. Collecting and updating language information for each contact is crucial. However, a dilemma arises when contacts do not have a predefined “language” attribute. In such cases, it is recommended to assign either a “German” or “English” attribute based on available information. For instance, when a contact fills out a form, you can infer the language preference based on the language of the website where the form is submitted.

The precise location of the contact using postal codes

When creating campaigns, it is important to consider the cultural differences within Switzerland. Contacts in Zurich have different preferences and habits compared to those in Lausanne or Lugano. Additionally, the Swiss population tends to build strong local networks and exhibit purchasing behavior influenced by their immediate surroundings. If your company has multiple branches in Switzerland, including contact details of the relevant establishment in the footer of your emails can be beneficial.

The origin or channel that generated the contact

To ensure effective communication in Switzerland, highly targeted approaches are required. Beyond demographic and linguistic considerations, each contact should go through an integration phase tailored to their profile. For example, B2B contacts added by a sales representative will receive different content compared to a simple B2C customer. Including the “origin” attribute as a mandatory field during contact creation helps in segmenting and personalizing communication effectively.

Enhancing the quality of contact data in Switzerland

Our Simple Task consultants assist customers in achieving a high level of data quality through the implementation of corrective actions. These actions can be carried out using IT routines or manually, involving customer service and sales personnel. Once the crucial attributes are accurately filled in, you can set up basic campaigns such as onboarding processes, subscription renewals, contact reactivation, qualified lead management, and more. This enables the automation of customer journeys and has the potential to generate additional revenue.

Quality of contact data in Switzerland

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