Digital services

Simple Task has a proven track record in building the most important digital assets and lead generation channels. Our digital experts help their clients have a fair visibility online by implementing our simple digital services: simple tools, unique content, variable lead generation costs.

Areas of expertise


Website development

We identify together a turnkey solution that matches your needs, and we deliver with short notice. Your website is configured so that you can create lead generation campaigns easily. If your site needs to display dynamic content, we will show you how we could proceed.

Content management

In order to gain quickly online visibility – especially if you supply a niche market – the content generation is key. At the beginning, we support you by the creation of the most important pages. In the long term, we can also support you with additional content such as blog articles.

Lead generation & nurturing

Our team helps you generate online leads by activating digital marketing channels. We have experience in creating campaigns from the ground up, with SEO, SEA, display or social media. Then, we put in place scoring and nurturing strategies so that every lead has a chance to be converted.

Tracking and analysis

As soon as a website is online, we make sure that a basic tracking is in place. Our senior consultants go through the most relevant KPIs with the client and discuss the potential improvements.
We develop websites in

Strong focus on variable costs

When launching a new brand or starting a rebranding, the costs are quickly piling up. At Simple Task, we believe in the quick creation of the most important digital assets so that the business lead generation can start. For example, a website should comprise 10 pages of content and a simple lead generation channel (ex: contact page). This is just your business card and, if you used the right keywords in your content, it should be more than enough at the beginning.

After that, it is essential to articulate the lead generation strategy around a few channels. The next steps in terms of digital services are clear:

Create a test campaign

Ensure that every relevant step is tracked

Activate the lead generation channel (SEO, SEA, Display,...)

Allocate a test budget and let the campaign run

Get the results and analyze the conversion flow

Implement corrective actions and/or alternatives

Increase the budget