POST Records to Marketing Automation using Website Forms and JSON

In this particular case, the objective of this task is to establish a mechanism for sending newsletter subscription data to upon form submission. Although there is an existing API endpoint, the precise implementation steps remain at the beginning of the use case unclear. According to the existing documentation, our team may be able to organise the integration by using Website Forms and JSON.

Business Goal & Completion

Our client has a requirement to send Double Opt-In Confirmation Emails promptly. Utilizing their CRM tool to trigger this process would introduce significant delays and potentially lead to lower conversion rates. Consequently, it is imperative for the client to establish a direct connection between the data source and the marketing automation tool,

The primary objective is to guarantee the seamless transmission of data from website forms, encompassing email addresses, language preferences, and timestamps, to the corresponding custom object. Each custom object can be populated through a dedicated API REST endpoint.

Website form

Website Form and JSON - Website form


Website Form and JSON - Goal completion

What's the plan?

The proposed solution involves utilizing the API endpoint to facilitate the transmission of newsletter subscription information. Our team is responsible for creating a test landing page within a test website, incorporating the necessary fields, both visible as ‘input fields’ and concealed as ‘hidden fields.’ Additionally, one of our senior consultants will develop custom code designed to send a variety of data types, including text, radio buttons, checkboxes, dates, and email addresses, to the API endpoint.

Following the initial implementation and testing phase on the Simple Task side, we will gather feedback and comments from the relevant stakeholders responsible for quality assurance. If we receive approval and obtain all necessary clearances, we will proceed to develop additional forms for various use cases and deploy them accordingly.”

How Does The Code Look Like?

Website Form and JSON - Code


Website Form and JSON - Result

MarTech Challenges using Website Forms and JSON


Use Case Briefing

The client is required to clearly define the purposes of various forms and the type of information to be conveyed through these forms. It is crucial to anticipate the variety and content of as many fields as possible. Our teams creates a quick documentation every time.


API Documentation

The REST API structure can vary from one provider to another. Additionally, our team needs to be informed about the credentials necessary to activate the endpoint. This step necessitates precise and clear communication between the client and our delivery team.


Testing & Quality Assurance

As soon as a single record can be successfully posted via the form, our senior consultants anticipate that the solution can be easily adapted for additional use cases with minimal effort on the client’s part. Consequently, the initial solution must be robust and thoroughly tested.

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