Plate-forme d'accueil des employés

Notre mission

Create a mobile application for easier, faster and more enjoyable company integration. This Employee onboarding platform has been developed for

Notre solution

  • The purpose of the Employee onboarding platform is to automate the processes performed when recruiting people, to facilitate the process of getting to know the company, and to encourage users to interact with each other
  • Each company can define its processes
  • It is suitable for human resource development. They can customize and automate their integration processes, create synergy between their teams, detect weak signals, analyze HR performance, attract and retain talents & cultivate their employer brand
  • It is also beneficial for employees, they can discover content that’s designed to engage them: welcome & connect with their new colleague, they can easily access essential information, they can highlight their soft skills & communicate easily with their team
  • It belongs to the Greenfield projects where we built MVP from scratch

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