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Staying ahead of the curve requires insightful strategies and informed decision-making. Survey tools, with their versatile applications, emerge as indispensable assets for businesses seeking not only to survive but to thrive. From understanding customer needs to making data-driven decisions, these tools serve as catalysts for innovation and progress.

In order to provide you with the most relevant insights, we have decided to focus on teams on one MarTech tool and become your MarTech partner for Netigate.


Netigate created a solution for transforming customer experiences. With powerful survey and feedback management features, Netigate CX empowers organizations to collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback in real-time. Technology helps improve satisfaction, loyalty, and retention by acting with a deeper understanding of customers.

Your MarTech Partner for Netigate - Software

Seamless Survey Reach

Netigate easily connect with your audience using email, SMS, QR codes, or iframes. This MarTech tool ensures everyone gets a chance to share their thoughts for a well-rounded view.


Efficient Feedback Handling

Netigate gathers and organizes data in a way that’s a breeze to analyze. It makes the process of collecting and managing feedback straightforward and effective.


Insightful Analysis Made Simple

This survey tool create meaningful snapshots effortlessly with customizable templates. Netigate dives deep into data using a platform that’s not just powerful but also user-friendly.


Ethical Data Handling

Netigate stays on top of the latest data regulations to guarantee a secure and ethical process. The company safely store insights, whether they’re anonymous or identified, ensuring privacy and compliance.

Why do we have Netigate in our own MarTech Stack?

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User Experience
Template Library
Client Support

How We Can Support You As a MarTech Partner For Netigate?

Netigate stands out as a versatile tool, boasting a user-friendly interface that allows for seamless exploration and utilization of its myriad features on the fly. While it excels for on-the-go use, integrating Netigate into a sophisticated MarTech stack might call for extra guidance and development support.

Our team consists of senior consultants who not only have a history of using Netigate but continue to incorporate it into their daily workflows. They bring a wealth of expertise to assist clients with both strategic and technical aspects, ensuring the tool is fully optimized to meet and exceed client needs.

Your MarTech Partner for Netigate - Mobile

Tool Orchestration

We assist you by streamlining your toolset for optimum efficiency. For example, we help you decide whether to use Netigate or your email marketing tool for sending invitations.


Seamless System Integration

Our developers ensure a seamless integration process that enhances overall workflow. They leverage Netigate‘s APIs for smooth data exchange with your existing systems.


Tailored Tool Configuration

You need to customize the tool to align perfectly with your unique requirements? We help you fine-tune Netigate settings, from account configurations to templates, and email and survey designs.


Initial Use Case Implementation

We help you fo through a smooth and effective implementation process. Together, we can dive into your first use cases, whether it’s crafting compelling email content or designing confirmation pages.


Efficient Tracking and Alerting

Stay informed with timely alerts by ensuring you never miss critical insights. Let us guide you in tracking information, seamlessly sending it back to your systems. For example, we send out notifications when it comes to a concerning customer satisfaction rating.


"Made for Switzerland" Expertise

We ensure that Netigate is optimized to meet the unique demands of your specific market. Our consultants help you activate all features relevant to complex markets like Switzerland, including language translations.

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