Your MarTech Partner for is a customer engagement and marketing automation platform designed to help businesses send targeted and personalized messages.  You are looking for your MarTech Partner for Our team helps you connect with users or customers through various communication channels like email, push notifications, and more.

logo-customerIO is renowned for its remarkable flexibility and the capacity to craft exceptionally customized, behavior-triggered messaging campaigns. Businesses rely on its adaptable platform to engage with users on a personal level, delivering precisely timed and relevant messages that resonate with each individual’s actions and preferences


Working as A MarTech Partner for

Within our team, we have a group of dedicated experts who work closely with day in and day out. Their extensive experience with the platform allows us to fully harness its capabilities. We make sure that our clients benefit from this in-depth knowledge and expertise in utilizing

What does it mean to be a Service Partner of


Official Partner

We’re proud to hold an official membership in the Partner Program. Our team has successfully completed their certification process. It underscores our prior experience with the tool and helps us showcases our unique approach in utilizing to its fullest potential.


Premium Support

As a qualified Service Patner, we have access to the assistance of an experienced Partner manager from This person is all ears and ready to assist us when we have questions or face technical challenges. They escalate potential issues and give feedback to their product development. This Premium Support helps us draft efficient and do-able solutions.


Leveraging Every Tool Development

We are committed to staying aware of the latest developments within To achieve this, our team remains dedicated to continuous learning. We regularly attend webinars, actively explore and test new features, and diligently review the latest communications from Our primary objective is to deeply understand how these cutting-edge product developments can be strategically leveraged.


Higher Level of Utilization

Our mission is to empower our clients to fully embrace the tool and achieve a higher level of utilization. We understand that successful integration and adoption of are essential for realizing its full potential. With our dedicated support and tailored guidance, we work closely with clients to ensure they not only implement the tool effectively but also harness its capabilities to the fullest extent.

Most Demanded Services With


If you’ve already implemented, we specialize in enhancing your tool utilization to achieve optimal results. Our dedicated consultants meticulously evaluate your current data imports, segmentation strategies, workflow processes, and campaign executions. Following a collaborative workshop with your teams, our experts provide you with actionable reports and effective measures for improvement.



If you haven’t yet implemented, our team is ready to assist you in setting up and configuring the tool. Our Senior Consultants will work closely with you to define your requirements, create a tailored configuration plan, and seamlessly integrate into your existing MarTech Stack. From initial setup to customization, we’ll guide you through the whole process.


System Integrations

We possess the expertise to configure native integrations or develop custom integrations, enabling seamless data flow for both import and export operations. Whether you require out-of-the-box compatibility with existing software or bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs, our team has the capabilities to ensure your data moves effortlessly in and out of your systems.


Campaigns & Broadcasts

We specialize in crafting comprehensive campaigns and broadcasts, handling every aspect from the inception of use case development to the final setup of assets. Our dedicated team takes your objectives and transforms them into impactful strategies. We meticulously plan, create, and execute each campaign, ensuring that every element aligns with your goals.

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